Microblading is a form of semipermanent brow tattooing in which creates hairlike strokes. This is a very subtle technique that fills in, defines and shapes brows in a natural manner. ​

  • This technique is ideal for dry to normal skin types​

  • Includes consultation, customized brow mapping, application and 4-6 week perfecting session.​​​​​

New Clients  $500

Touch Up before 6 months  $150

Touch Up after 6 months  $250

Ombre Shading

Unlike microblading, this technique doesn't place hair stroke but instead gently inserts pigment into the skin by using a small machine. The brow is fully covered with a

light color to give a soft and misty look. After this  technique has healed it should look like you've lightly filled in your brows with makeup.

  • Great for all skin types​

  • lasts longer and less touchups are required

  • ideal for oily skin types, for those looking for the most coverage (very sparse brows) or someone who is more prone to bleeding

New Clients  $​550

Blading+ Shading

This technique is great for the client looking for the look of the microbladed hair strokes but would like the fullness of the ombre shading. After microblading, soft color is used to fill in between hair strokes. Often times this technique is used in order to keep better retention on the tail of the brow.

  • This is great for the client that likes the look of microblading but needs a little more coverage​

  • Lasts longer than traditional microblading- less touchups are needed

New Clients  $600