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Shaving your face is not Dermaplaning

Written By: Haley LaBatt

You know those cute little pink Facial Razors you can find at almost any drugstore? Those are used to shave your face and is NOT the same thing as a licensed skincare professional dermaplaning your face.

Dermaplaning is an add on booster to a Skin Sanctuary Signature Facial or a Mini-Facial. A licensed skincare professional uses a sterile surgical 10 blade to exfoliate the dead skin sitting on your face.

Most of the clients at the Skin Sanctuary love dermaplaning because it removes the vellus hair, most commonly known as peach fuzz, from the surface of the skin. However, the sole purpose of a dermaplane is to exfoliate dead skin. The peach fuzz removal is just an added bonus!

Dermaplane FAQ

Does it hurt?

No--it can sound intimidating and trust me, I'm the biggest wimp when coming near anything sharp. It truly does not hurt. You might even find it soothing!

Does the hair come back thicker?

No--The hair doesn't come back thicker or darker.

When you shave, your hair is cut off at a blunt edge, so comes back thicker. When performed correctly, dermaplaning is done at an angle and doesn't come back thicker. It actually helps your skincare products to absorb and penetrate your skin. This helps your skincare products to be more effective.

Does dermaplaning cause pimples?

No--This is an exfoliation process which is actually a preventative measure when fighting breakouts. Dermaplaining will also assist with better product penetration and absorption.

Is it different than using a regular razor?

YES--Shaving doesn't exfoliate the skin. Shaving only removes the hair on your face. When our licensed skincare professionals dermaplane your face, they follow it up with a natural fruit enzyme, so any of the skin cells that are loosened, but not fully lifted, dissolve with the enzyme.

Once I start dermaplaning will I always have to have it done?

No--as part of your natural hair growth cycle, new hair follicles grown in and fall out eery 3-6 weeks and the average persons skin cell renewal is estimated around every 28 days (longer turnover time with age). With that in mind, this service can be done monthly, but is NOT necessary, because your hair will grow back unchanged.

FYI--Men get deraplaned too! Dermaplaning is only done in the areas of the face where vellus hair is. The beard and mustache area also known as terminal hair area is avoided.

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