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Spa Etiquette 101

Want to get the most out of your facial? We want you to, too! If you follow this etiquette, you will be able to feel more relaxed and enjoy every minute of your time in the spa.

1. Unplug from your devices

You can't relax if you're answering calls, checking emails, and texting in the spa. One of the biggest benefits of a facial is being able to unplug and unwind. This helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

2. Arrive on Time

Arriving 10 or 15 minutes early can really help out your esthetician. If it's your first time arriving at our boutique spa, you may have some paperwork that you need to fill out, and arriving early will help us to stay on schedule.

3. Talking During Treatments

You can talk during the treatment or be still, as you choose. The esthetician will follow your lead. If you're not talking and the esthetician won't be quiet, you can say something like, "I'm just going to be quiet/rest for a little while." The esthetician will get the hint. In general, try to use a quiet "spa voice" when you talk anywhere in the spa.

4. Canceling Your Appointment

We understand situations come up where you may not be able to make it into the spa. We are fortunate to be busy and therefore require a 24-hour cancelation notice. This allows another client to schedule in your place. If less than a 24-hour cancelation is give, you will be charged 50% of your booked services. If you do not show up to your appointment without any call prior, you will be charged 100% of your service. Rescheduling can be done online through our website or via your confirmation e-mail 24 hours in advance. We understand emergencies arise. If you need to cancel less than 24 hours in advance, please call or text us directly at 937-844-7078.

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