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What is Microcurrent?

Written By: Haley LaBatt

Known as a great alternative to Botox, Microcurrent introduces a low-grade electrical current that's delivered through a small machine onto the face muscles. The muscles contract and are trained—just like a gym workout—to lift and sculpt the face. Microcurrent is used to lift the eyebrows, define cheekbones, tighten and firm skin, and stimulate collagen growth.

Truthfully, the thought of exercise is exhausting to me, but what's better than having a little machine doing the workout for you?? Below are five things you need to know about this add-on booster.

  1. Microcurrent enhances the definition of your facial features

  2. Microcurrent produces collagen in your dermis to plump the skin

  3. Results are visible in minutes

  4. It's virtually painless

  5. One visit a month is recommended for best results.

You can experience Microcurrent as an add-on booster to a Skin Sanctuary Signature Facial.

Microcurrent is not recommended for people in the first trimester of pregnancy or who have a pacemaker. It can also stimulate inflammation, so it's best to avoid use during any major acne flare-up.

If you're like me and enjoy immediate results, try this add-on booster during your next facial. You won't regret it!

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